Reopening Information

After video conferencing with the Church Councils–and also with other pastors in the area–both BEVC UMC and Milesburg UMC have a plan for reopening.

1. We will reopen on July 5, 2020.

2. There will be no bulletins, no singing, no congregational responses, no communion, and no personal contact.

3. Certain pews will be “out of service” so that no one can sit there. We want to enforce social distancing.

4. All congregants older than 3 will be required to wear a mask from the time they enter the building until they exit.

5. Ushers will direct you to your seats.

6. We will have disposable masks and hand sanitizer at each church, but the supplies are limited. Please bring your own if you have one.

7. Offeratory baskets will be by entrance/exit to minimize contact.

8. There will be no Sunday School.

9. We will continue to post video and audio recordings.

10. If you cannot or will not abide by these rules, please stay home until circumstances allow us to modify these restrictions.

Author Reuben Job describes 3 rules for living out our Wesleyan beliefs:
1) Do no harm
2) Do good
3) Stay in love with God.

We should all want to “do no harm” to anyone else in our congregation.

If you know of anyone who does not use Facebook or visit our web site, please share this informaton with them.